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Governator vs Eddy

Tandis que le Governator félicite le Québec pour ses objectifs de réductions d'émissions de GES, le Premier Relationiste de l'industrie pétrolière albertaine (chef du gouvernement provincial) chiale que le Québec va foutre le bordel avec son attitude prétentieuse.

Alberta Premier Ed Stelmach wants provinces to band together behind an achievable national climate change plan, and is worried Quebec's aggressive new strategy to cut greenhouse gases will create “a headache” for Canada.
He warned there is no quick fix and urged other provinces to resist casting the oil sands, which employ a carbon-intensive extraction process, as the main villain in the country's bid to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.
“I don't want to get into the position of where we would add so much cost to our industry while others aren't doing anything similar,” Mr. Stelmach said in an exclusive interview with The Globe and Mail.

Despite the brewing disagreement between provinces, Mr. Stelmach is confident common ground can be found and he's busy convincing his fellow premiers that the oil sands are still a major economic asset to the country.

“I'm not saying this in a boastful manner, but I feel that Alberta is positioned well to help take this country out of the recession. And certainly, investment in the oil sands is one area.”

He said the province is squandering an opportunity to improve the oil sand's international reputation, which has taken a beating in recent months as being an ecological nightmare, by not setting its own caps on emissions.

Stelmach parle tellement tout le temps des sables bitumineux, c'est à se demander si il y a autre chose dans sa province.

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